At the end of last week, I met up with Rosie and Alex for a photo day. I always love to collaborate and meet up with other photographers, it's always great fun and I love being able to rattle on about photography without making anybody fall asleep!

Due to annoying coach times, we only had a few hours together but it was definitely worth it - we all went home with cards full of pictures and fit in many more outfits and locations than I thought would be possible in the time we had. As always with photo days, it was incredibly inspiring and I can't wait to meet the two of them again (even if it involves me having to pose in a freezing lake again for the sake of art!)

Here are just a few of the shots I took of them - they both make wonderful models. I'm in the process of finishing a few more but I just couldn't wait any longer to blog about this unfortunately!

Rosie's shots of me (click the images to see them on her Flickr)

and Alex's shots of me (click the images to see them on her Flickr)

And last but not least, a few little out-takes and behind the scenes shots!

If you're not familiar with Rosie or Alex's work, I highly recommend you check out their beautiful portfolios - you won't be disappointed, promise!


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