Over the last few weeks I've been thinking a lot about the two types of feedback, and after reading a few articles I've come to realise something: although the internet has most certainly been instrumental in my development as a photographer, I've never actively used it to seek out the scary half of those two things: constructive criticism.

Truth be told I think I'm just terrified of it. But why? I have a choice of whether to act upon somebody's advice and to decide whether the criticism is justified or not, and I find the fresh perspective that comes with other people's opinions to be really exciting!

Alex Beadon posted a link to THIS article which pushes the idea that "positive reinforcement is the enemy". I don't entirely agree with it as I think that positive feedback is super powerful in its own way, but it intrigued me and made me really think about the value of criticism. We need to know when we are doing things right, but we also need to know when we could improve upon things. So I've come to the conclusion that we need both.

So here I am. I'm putting myself out here and I want you to objectively look at my work.

Drop me an email or Facebook message and tell me :D I'll happily return the favour if you wish!

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