This post is a little different from my usual image-heavy kind of thing thing, but I'm really excited to start using my blog again to share more about how I work, things that are inspiring me right now, and general photo-related food for thought. What do you think?

I hate to be a slave to a piece of technology but I have to admit my iPhone is one of the most useful thing ever when it comes to my photography and keeping myself organised. So here we have it - a list of the top 5 (slightly nerdy) apps I can't get enough of right now (minus Instagram because my obsession with that is probably already very apparent!)

Way of Life is an app I discovered in search of a way to start enforcing positive habits in my life: exercising, meditating, etc - but I quickly realised its uses with my working life too. It's a great daily reminder for me to keep up with my messages, social network updates and anything else work-related I want to keep on top of.

However much I love Google Analytics, I sometimes feel like it's complete information overload when I'm using it on my web browser. Analytics Pro completely simplifies it all but you still have access to every bit of information about your site statistics in a much cleaner, user-friendly way.

I always used to use the Notes app on my iPhone for shoot and blog post ideas/write ups on the go, but it's limited to just text posts and I don't want to have to plug my phone in every day to sync my notes with my computer. Evernote can store images and sound recordings as notes also and synchronises with a desktop app that you can download for free from the Mac App Store, which enables you to access everything you saved on it instantly.

Air Display is an awesome app that turns your iPad or iPhone into a wireless second screen for your computer, and works on both Windows and Mac computers, and Android phones too. The app costs £6.99, which is a little expensive for an app but if you already own an iPad and fancy a second screen, it's a bargain!

Facebook have finally helped Like page owners out and released an app which lets us manage our Pages from our phones! Sadly it doesn't give us access to Page inbox messages yet but it gives push notifications for activity on your content, access to Insights, and new fan notifications, all of which aren't possible with the original Facebook app.


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