I don't know if anyone here watches HBO's Game of Thrones, most likely you are, since it's so popular right now, and if you do, you might know that they shoot parts of the show in Croatia, mainly Dubrovnik and it's surrounding area. I recently took upon watching the show and noticed a lot of locations, that I had actually visited and have photos of. Mainly it's about the Old Town of Dubrovnik, but also the nearby island Lokrum, where a big storyline in Season 2 was shot.

If you have not watched the show, you can enjoy these photos as they are. But if you are familiar with the show you will also be familiar with the images that follow.

This post contains no spoilers from the show if you watch! You can click on the images for a bigger view.

First I'll show you a shot of Fort Bokar, which was the key point in the defense of the Pila Gate in real life. In the show it was used for scenes in the Blackwater Episode from Season 2.

And here is a shot of the St. Lawrence Fortress, that doubles as King's Landing in Season 2 and 3 in the show.

Of course in the show they do a great job of digitally enhancing the fortification, making it fit the fantasy world that they have created. Here is a shot from the show:

They use the inside of the old town of Dubrovnik as the streets of King's Landing. Some shots are actually done without any CGI (computer generated images). Because the old town is so well kept they can literately move the camera 360 degrees. Of course they make sure to dirty it up sometimes, and to dress the actual old town to make it fit. Here is a scene from the show.

This was shot right at the entrance of the old town. This next scene was taken inside the walls.

Here are those locations in real life.

Here they dressed up an old alley to be an even older and dirtier path in King's Landing:

In this next shot you'll see the old town. This was taken from the walls. You can see how much they enhance in the show, but the basic structure is there.

The Island Lokrum doubled as the city Qarth and they used the old fortification on that island for the House of the Undying in the Season 2 Finale. You can reach the island with a boat in 5 minutes from the Dubrovnik harbor. Although most of the scenes of the city Qarth itself are completely digital, some of the garden scenes were filmed in the botanical gardens on Lokrum and in the Former Benedictine monastery.

Here is a shot from the show:

Here are some location photos from Lokrum:

The do shoot a lot in the botanical gardens in Lokrum, but also the botanical garden surrounding the Old Town of Dubrovnik. First is a scene from the show which was shot in the monastery on Lokrum, and then some shots of the gardens of Dubrovnik and Lokrum.

 A back view of the monastery:

 The gardens:

I hope you enjoyed this journey through Dubrovnik and Lokrum. Please let me know what you think of this in the comments below. Thanks for watching and reading.


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