Here is the first batch of vacation photos as promised. As previously posted, the island is called Krapanj. In order to get to it, you have to take a boat in the bay of Brodarica near Sibenik. The plan was to take sunset photos, but unfortunately the schedule of the boat rides is not great for that. There is a boat arround 17:55 and the next one is on 19:30. The first one was too early since it's still too hot to travel, so we had to take the second boat.

But this also meant that we arrived just as the sun was setting. We clearly needed more time to set everything up, but I think that we still managed to pull it together. As with the off-island landscapes photos shown earlier, I waited for that time between sundown and darkness for the landscapes. A tripod was needed, and also a longer shutter speed on the camera. This also meant that i would get those silky water shots I love so much.

The portraits were taken a bit earlier while there was still some sunlight left. This is part one of the Island journey. Part two will be uploaded tomorrow. Please leave me a comment and tell me how you like them.
This is a multi-part series from our vacation, other parts include:
Part One: Lost on the Island (Part One)
Part Two: Lost on the Island (Part Two)
Part Three: Old Town of Sibenik and Cathedral
Part Four: Visiting the Fortress of St. Nikola
Part Five: Ocean Sunset

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