My sister and I visited the Fortress of St. Nikola last year. Click here to take a look back at the images from last year. It was really fun to go back. Last year I didn't bring my tripod with me, because I didn't anticipate how dark it would be inside, or that you could even walk inside the Fortress.

This year I brought it with me, knowing what awaits us. Well actually a lot of things had changed. There used to be a stone "path" (Let's call it that, even though it was just rocks you had to tumble upon to get to the island where the Fortress is), but now the path has been modernized with a new wooden walkpath. It's nice to be able to get there quickly, but this also means more tourists!

Last year there was barely anyone there. This year lots of people took the trip and it just isn't the same anymore. This of course had no affect on the actual images.
This is a multi-part series from our vacation, other parts include:
Part One: Lost on the Island (Part One)
Part Two: Lost on the Island (Part Two)
Part Three: Old Town of Sibenik and Cathedral
Part Four: Visiting the Fortress of St. Nikola
Part Five: Ocean Sunset

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