August has been very good to me. I started with all my powers to get back to blogging, and I think I'm back on track. Mostly because of you, dear readers. Your kind comments inspire me to bring you more content and go out more to shoot. Just yesterday I was in a beautiful, secret, almost hidden away location, a good 3-hour-drive away from where I live. More on that later.

Now, since I have some new readers here, and also because I wanted to draw your attention to some of the photography in the years past, I am doing this post that is collecting some of my favorite posts and images over the 5 years I have been active on blogger.

Please feel free to browse around, take a look, and maybe leave a comment or two. I promise you September will be even better.

You can click on the titles to open up the post for more images and stories behind them.

I love this set of images, set on a lucky find on the Adriatic coast! And almost all of them have that silky smooth water effect that I like to create when the sun has already set.

This is one of those "look closer into the distance" moments in photography.

3. The Snow Series

In my recent post about the old bridge in Mostar you guys wanted to see more from my city. Well here is my city in the most unusual predicament: massive snowfalls. Mostar is not known for snow, it is one of the sunniest cities in my country. In this four part series, covering a week of our lives you'll see this city as never before.

4. Coasts and Beaches Series

For lovers of beaches, seas, oceans, harbors, sunsets, and the color blue, in this three-part series I collected some of my favorite shots of them.

5. Sunset in the Woods Series

I just love these portraits. They were taken during the golden hour in a small secluded forest. The light worked great for us, and I think these are some of the better portraits i did.

I hope you liked this journey back to some of my older blog posts. I plan to do this once in a while, and I think it's always fun to look back and to see what you have created. 

Thank you for reading!


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