Last Saturday was filled with an exciting trip to a place I have never visited before. It's funny, sometimes we travel to distant locations, in order to experience something new, but then we look around and see that there is so much to discover in our own backyard.

The place we visited is not really close, it took us a good three-hour drive to get there, but it was still enjoyable, since a lot of the travel included mountain roads. My dad actually heard about this place called Bistro Semisnica, located near Donji Vakuf, a small town up north. 

When we arrived we were greeted by the owner and the first sight was the first image I am posting. A small river breaks up and forms little waterfalls that engulf the bistro, making a semi-hot day very enjoyable.

This is a two part series:

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What is so special to me is that all sorts of animals roam around freely. They are completely used to the people visiting. I captured these ducks as they were crossing the small river.

This next image shows a mill, where the owner of the restaurant produces his own flour, that he then uses for making bread products.

The owners of the bistro have their own dog, who is watchfully guarding the place, but he is so lovable and quiet and friendly to everyone. You can come right up to him (as with all the other animals) and pet him.

There are small half-opened up houses where guests can eat and sit on rainy days.

Along the river bed you'll find small wooden benches for those guests who would simply like to enjoy some coffee and other refreshments.

As you can see the place is not too big, but on this Saturday it was filled with people. Despite that, the atmosphere was very calm, relaxing and inviting.

Stay tuned for part two, with more images and stories from this place. Let me know what you think of this place. Are there any tucked away places like this in your area?


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