Sundays are usually reserved for chores around the house. We have been building a small house right next to our main one, and the Garden is being redecorated and replanted as I write this down. My dad bought a land parcel right next to our house, and It has been work ever since. 
Now, as the days of building and interior designing are winding down, we have more time to focus on the garden, which has been a real mess through the summer, and is still a work in progress. But, things are looking up. Let's have a look.

click on the images for a bigger view

My mom loves to have fresh herbs in the garden, so we plant a lot of them. The first two images are sage and mint, lovely for all sorts of dishes.

If you look closely on this one (better yet, enlarge it), you may be able to spot a small ant on the petals. Purely incidental. Of course, If I had wanted to capture one I would have never been able to find one.

The grass we have been growing is called Dichondra. Very easy to take care of and also very robust. You'll see more of it in the images that follow.

We have our neighbors Pomegranate tree growing right behind our wall. The fruit has been ripening.

Here is a wider shot of the garden. In the background you can spot a little portion of the small house that we are building. A wider shot follows later.

Bigger view of the Pomegranate Tree.

Wide shot of our house. There is still some stuff that needs to be rearranged around it.

Wide shot of the new house, that is still in construction. The roof has not been finished yet. It'll be completely white just as the roof of the main house. And the walls inside are being painted tomorrow. I'll show more of it in another post.

I'll leave you with this image, of the approaching dark clouds. This is the view from our upstairs balcony, where I recently took the full moon images. They said that the weather would change (for the worse) over the weekend. I guess that time has come now.

Please let me know if you have any flower ideas. We are looking for smallish, sustainable flowers that are colorful. If you have some experience in this filed, please let me know in the comments below.


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