If you have missed the previous parts of our visit to Pocitelj, here are this links to Part One (The Journey to the Tower), and Part Two (Inside the Tower). Make sure to check them out first.

Our last part ended by the path that would lead us to a big plateau in front of the walls of the old fortification. And this is where we jump in now. I want to show you the big view of the old town first.

This is a multi-part series, other parts include:
Part Three: The Road Back 
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The most striking object in Pocitelj is the Sahat-kula (which is located in the middle of the image above), a silo-shaped fort that towers from the top of the hill above the town. It housed watchmen and military to guard against possible invasion from the Neretva Valley. 

The following is a wide shot of the plateau: 

Of course this place provides a good opportunity to take some portraits too!

The walls that enclose the fortification are mostly destroyed, but this big chunk of wall has stood the test of time and wars.

I did some research on the shape of the stone beside the lower window, but I couldn't find out anything. My guess is that it used to be attached to something, or maybe hold something inside.

A small glimpse of the river Neretva can be seen through this window.

As we made out way back the tower was moving away into the distance and everything was calm. The sun had set, and we were left with the afterglow.

Goodbye Tower...

...and goodbye Pocitelj.

I'll leave you with two snapshots my cousin Azra made of me with her phone camera (she is the one with the long blond hair in the images above). A rare glimpse behind the scenes! Thank you for reading this three part series. I have many new things in store for you (including a new tutorial).


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