In the penultimate part we started our journey back up the mountain to the parking spot where we left the car. As I said before, while getting down into the valley was no problem and took hardly 30 minutes, climbing back up took a bit more effort, since it was all up-hill. We came across different types of forests on out way up, which shaped the landscape, and gave us lots of photo-opportunities, including the highlight image of the trip. I'm sure you will immediately guess which one that is.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: The Journey into the Valley
Part Two: Still life in the Valley
Part Three: Return through the Forest
Part Four: Lunch and the drive Home

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On the way up we saw many pine trees, sometimes lone in the landscapes, sometimes in big groups, but always smallish.

Parts of the way up was krs, the very familiar rock-landscape formation from this region.

We came upon two unusual looking trees standing just by the side of the path.

While we were standing next to these trees, I gazed into the deep bare forest behind them, and wondered what lies far away in the mountain slopes, that these woods cover...

While this part of the journey up-hill had some creepy trees, the next type of forest we came upon was straight out of a horror movie. The Sycamore trees were tall, bare and the road in between was just as dark as the clouds that formed on the sky.

 But we did have our fun here nonetheless.

A look into the valley from the distance.

In the end of the walk we left the valley behind us and returned back up, which left us of course hungry, so we went for lunch in the local restaurant next to the ski center. But more on that, and the images we took on our drive home, in the finale of this series.


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