A new day has risen in another new year. And while everyone is probably still sleeping and resting from last night, I thought I'd write a couple of words about what a fresh start can mean in our lives. 

It is  nice to think of the new year as a clean slate, a time span where no mistakes have been made, no wrongs have been done, and simply everything is possible. It's quite uplifting to think about life this way, and I guess that's probably the reason why resolutions for a better life are being made right now.

Though, it's arguable that there are no real beginnings so to speak. Life does go on, and the past can't simply be erased. Then again, the promise of something better can help you swallow past mistakes. Ends of things are easily recognizable, while beginnings can creep up on you, without you knowing that something new is starting to form.

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Some beginnings are constant. And there is a calm in knowing that nature will rise again, and everything will be reborn.

Other times, certain things linger, long after the end has come.

Here is a lonely vineyard, waiting for the return of spring, hopeful of the change that will transform it to it's full capacity.

So let's start fresh, set new goals, dream big, but also never forget: It's about the journey, not the destination.


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