In February of 2012 a massive snow storm hit my city. It started innocently enough with some light snowfall, but by the time the third day of continuous snow was approaching, huge mountains of snow were covering our front yard. I shared those images previously on this blog, but in this post I wanted to add a couple of others I didn't post back then.

click on the images for a bigger view

A view from my window. The snow piling up. Heavy at the bottom, with fresh snow piling on.

You can see the mountains of snow I was talking about previously. It took a whole day of shoveling just to get to the street in front of our house.

Here are a couple of images that I posted previously. This is what the city looked like during the snow. As I am writing this, snow has started to fall again in most of the country, and I wonder what the outcome will be like this time.

Any snowfalls in your neck of the woods? If yes, is it light or massive?


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