In my last post I showed you mountain slopes covered in fog and low hanging clouds. As I was traveling back home, I drove past the Grabovica Lake. The cold winter weather took is toll on the lake as well, but provided great photo opportunities. I parked my car to the side, and made a couple of steps towards the edge of the lake.

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On one side, the lake houses a fish pond, since these regions are rich in fishes. The water was almost translucent, because the sun came out for a second through the clouds and lit the surface.

The sun returned back to the clouds and the water turned dark again. Winter has taken the life from the lake, and everything is waiting for the resurrection of spring...

These images were taken the day before yesterday, and today I made a very nice trip to the local mountains, where I have never taken photos before, and they turned out really nice. The sun was up today, so you can look forward to some sun as well. This will be a new multi-part series I'll post over the next couple of days.


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