In the last part of the Blagaj series, we visit the spring of the river Buna. As mentioned in the previous parts the river springs inside caves, that are located at the foot of the cliffs, right next to the old town.
This is a multi part series. Other parts include:
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This is the river spring in close up. Underground caves lie behind this entrance, and amongst the attractions here are boat expeditions into the cave.

It's interesting to notice the steep cliffs with trees and other plants growing in some places, as well as other entrances to caves further above.

As soon as the river springs out of the cave, a small waterfall awaits, giving speed to the river on it's journey to the river Neretva.


I love these steps leading into the water. I think that this part is used as a starting point for the cave expeditions.

Above the cave entrance, various natural processes have started to color the rocks, giving interesting shades and colors to the cliffs, almost like a painting.

The region is also known for the diversity of its flora and a number of endemic species. At lower altitudes there are many evergreen plant and deciduous thicket species, while at higher altitudes in the hills there is sparse forest. Fertile cultivable land is suitable for the agriculture typical of the Mediterranean climate. 

Thank you for coming along on this trip with me. I hope you enjoyed it!


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