Recently I posted a Chocolate Cake my sister and I made for our dad's birthday. Of course there was also something salty served, which I want to quickly show in this post. Maybe you will get some inspiration for your next celebration. We had a couple of friends over, ate some food, had cake and drinks. It was a lovely evening and I hope you will enjoy some of the images.

click on the images for a bigger view

I also made a black risotto. It's actually very easy, you just use some squid ink to dye the stock. I put some sea food in it as well, which fit well with our marine themed dinner. The finished dish will come later.

We had some smoked salmon, dotted with capers and olive oil, as well as some parsley.

 Next we had some shrimp, quick fired with some garlic, parsley and served with lemon.

We had some fresh home-made bread in various shapes.

There was also some salad with my mustard dressing. Recipe is here.

Here is the finished black risotto, garnished with fresh Parmesan cheese and parsley.

Thanks for visiting, I wish you a happy start into the new week, and I hope I didn't make you hungry. :)


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