A heavy glow of after burn was lingering in the sky as I took these images. I vividly remember coming up to the edge of the beach, setting up my tripod, and gazing into the distance. Everything was calm and at peace. Sounds of birds could be heard in the far distance, and the waves were slowly arriving at the shore, making the most tranquil sounds.

The sea was very forgiving and calm, which provided great opportunity for some long exposure photography, but more on that later.

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Somewhere in the distance, far city lights are burning up and getting ready for the night ahead.

I shared this image before, but wanted to do again here, since it belongs in this set with the others. This pier was so beautiful to walk on. The steps leading into the sea added a special touch.

This is an example of long exposure photography. I shoot this in manual mode, and a 25 sec exposure. This created a milky effect on the surface of the water which was moving. The stones remained untouched and sharp. What fascinated me later on, was how deep into the water I could see.

Then the moon shoved up from behind the hills. Heavy set with an orange glow. What a sight in person. Another long exposure shot almost did this sight justice.

I hope you enjoyed taking a stroll with me on the nightly beaches.
Are you a fan of long exposure photography?


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