It's seems like the work in a garden will never stop. I have previously shown our garden in Autumn and Winter, but there really is no point in talking about it without showing it during Spring. My dad and I have been working on a little project last Sunday, and I wanted to share with you what we have done.

We have these two grassbeds, that you can see in the first image. They are in half circular shape, and we wanted to do something with them, because the green itself was a bit monotone.

click on the images for a bigger view

The first image shows the finished result of our work. We planted some flowers along the sides of the grassbeds, to circle them in and have some color except green.

It all started early Sunday. I used a shovel to cut the shape into the ground. Then I went in again a second time to cut out the other side, almost like cutting paper. I went with the shapes that were already there.

Next up, I used a small cutting tool, to cut the pieces of ground, into smaller chunks. This took the longest :)

We brushed some of the soil off of the pieces of grass that we cut out, and then used fresh potting soil to cover the rest of the semi circle.

Beni was no help, of course, and used the time to sleep in the morning sun :)

These are the flowers we bought to replant.

We had red and pink flowers, which we distributed along the path.

We had these flowers before. They bloom almost all year, and have nice vibrant colors.

Now some impressions of the results of our labor. I took these shots during sunset, later in the day.

We had a beautiful spring day on Sunday, with almost clear sky.

A look up at the hills in the distance, with the sun slowly setting on the other side.

Beni, looking up at me on the balcony, from where I took some of these images.

I hope you liked what we did. I think I will do a follow up to this post, in the summer, when everything we planted should be in full bloom. Do you guys do any gardening?


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