When my friend Chris approached me a few months ago offering to let me test out his Leaf medium format camera and new Credo 60 digital back, there was no way I was going to turn such a generous offer down! I'd always been fascinated by this next level of camera equipment and couldn't be more excited to really get to grips with the mindful, conscious process that these cameras turn taking photographs into.

Each photograph had to be focused manually, and the camera was so heavy I felt like I'd gone to the gym once we'd finished shooting, but it was an incredible experience and one I'm really grateful to have had. Thank you Chris!

Model: Maja G @ Gingersnap
HMU: Siobhan Drew
Styling: Myself
Assisting and general awesomeness: Christopher Hung (FotografiePorter)

The sharpness and clarity that the Credo 60 back captures is a thing of beauty. They looked sharp on camera, but when I got them on the computer I think my jaw dropped to the floor! Here is a close-up crop of one of the headshots.

And finally, we can't end this post without a few good old behind the scenes photographs.. myself and the beast itself, Maja looking ridiculously beautiful on set Siobhan working her magic!

Thank you Chris, for trusting in me to use such an expensive piece of kit to shoot for my portfolio.
Thank you Siobhan, for your never-ending talent in hair, make up and nails.
And finally, thank you Maja, for your patience and ability to hold a perfect pose!


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