There is a certain simplicity but also dramatic vibe in black and white imagery. Maybe it's the lack of color, maybe it's the fact that these type of images are more open to interpretation then others. There so much you can do with light and shadow, that just wouldn't work in a color image.

So for today, we are visiting some places around the world, and taking a different look at them through these black and white images.

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1. The Old Bridge, Mostar

The Old Bridge in Mostar is a common photo subject for tourists and locals here in Mostar. Taking a look at the familiar scene in black and white somehow transforms you back into the past, as if the sight is from another era.

2. Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest

The Fisherman's Bastion, which we visited extensively in our Budapest travel series, has lots of hidden paths and lookout spots. Revisiting this shot in black and white, brings out the shadows of those corridors more, and leads the eye straight to the three big towers, over looking the city.

3. The Rama Lake Valley, Prozor

I think that this next shot clearly demonstrates that black and white photography works well for landscapes. The shadows of the hills and mountains play with each other, and build upon each other, creating waves of grey, black and white. If you want to convert your own color landscape images to black and white landscapes visit my tutorial I did on this subject.

4. Roofs in the Village, Krucevici

This is small village in south Herzegovina. Autumn is coming to an end slowly, and the roofs are covered with dying leaves. It's truly the end of the season.

5. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul

Stones of the past are contrasted with the moody sky of today, as we take a look at the back entrance to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul Turkey. In our travel series to Istanbul, we have seen many colorful sight of this, truly unique city on the Bosporus, but a conversion of the scene into black and white also brings out the history behind every wall.

6. The Gates to the Tower, Pocitelj

I think this next image shows, how this was perhaps the only editing choice I could have made with it. The black and white is somehow part of the scene, and doesn't separate from it. The stony path leads all the way to the tower, that is looking down on the old town Pocitelj. One of the many toursit spots in south Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Do you like black and white photography, and do you like converting your own images into black and white/monochrome?

I'm closing this work week of with a song Agnes Obel "Riverside" (and a black and white music video, so it fits). Take a listen, I think you will like it. It's very relaxing.


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