Late autumn brings with it a certain melancholy. Nature is going into the deep sleep and the days just keep getting shorter and shorter. Especially for people at work, it seems as if the days only consist of nights. While I fully enjoy winter as a season, I still like to linger in the beauty that is autumn.

That's why I chose to venture out again into nature, and search for signs that autumn is still in the air. And what better place to do this then the mountains.

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From afar there seems to be much color left in the landscape.

Coming up closer a different sight greets me. The once vibrant colors are giving way into the darkness.

But bursts of leaves that won't give up are also to be found.

We still have nice days here in south Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There is some solace in knowing that winter greens will stay throughout the winter months.

Soon, it will be sights like this next one, that will spread through the lands.

Thank you all for stopping by.

What does the transition of the seasons look like in your town?


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