During a recent family gathering, my cousin and I revisited some photos in our old family albums. Some pictures were in albums, others were laying in boxes unsorted and not in a pretty shape, you know how it is. The image above wasn't in a bad shape, but I included it in this post since it's a old photo of me and my cousin (whom you had the joy of seeing on this blog a lot). 

The Restoration process is in full swing here right now. Photos are flying around left and right (that's why I didn't have a chance to post in a while here). Over 40 images have been restored so far, and I will share some of them in the upcoming posts, which will include before and after shots

A few were in a pretty bad shape, and you.ll also get to see those, but in a nutshell the clone stamp tool is the elementary tool for restoration. Also important are brushes. Sometimes parts of the image have to be painted back in, because so much has been damaged.

Below are a few photos i restored with comparisons! Hope you will enjoy a glimpse in our family photos.

 Yes, It's the 70s! :D

 My parents on their honeymoon in Dubrovnik

My cousin again (slightly younger in this one)

 My grandma on my fathers side

 A shot with my grandma and others from the old village where they lived

 My mom and dad on the Olympic games in 1984

 My grandpa in his rose garden


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