I have always said that watching moody landscapes is very therapeutic. For me, seeing these tumultuous times in nature, in a weird way evokes calm. Maybe it's because you see that there are bigger things then you out there or simply the fact that those sights tend to be very interesting to look at, if not downright beautiful.

I never shy away from going out to shoot during stormy or bad weather. Most of my landscapes have an element of melancholy to them anyway, which is certainly underlined by the heavy clouds in the sky, winds rolling in or isolated places I get to photograph.

So anyway, here are 15 Moody Landscapes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which I hope you will enjoy. For better reference I added numbers and titles to the images.

click on the images for a bigger view

1. A Lonely Road

2. Look Up the Hills

3. Solitude

4. Abandoned

5. Peak out of the Forest

6. In The Distance lies the Truth

7. Moody Orchard

8. Winter in the Mountains

9. A Storm is rolling in

10. Last Days of Autumn

11. The Fortress on top of the Hill

12. Ruins in the Fog

13. At the End of the Day

14. Remains

15. Overlooking the Valley

What sight draws you in the most?


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