I have shown my dog Beni lots of times on this blog before, but in this post I wanted to touch upon his many moods, that are sometimes overlooked in the images I post. Enjoy these and I wish you a great weekend! 

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1. Cute Beni

A typical stage when he wants something. Is there food on the table? Are you preparing to open the cabinet with his treats? He will be there, behind you, looking up...try to resist if you can.


2. Cool Beni

The next image is only symbolic of this stage, but I think you will manage to get what I'm talking about. You are doing something unrelated to him? God forbid, you have friends over and the attention is not on him? He will play it cool and ignore you. If he's tired and doesn't want to play, don't count on him coming to you!


3. Playful Beni

The most common stage. Open the doors and he'll be out and about. Playing with him is cool as well. But since he's usually faster then all of us, catching up with him is the real challange.


4. Crazy Beni

A dirt field + a clean dog = hours of clean up time for me. Yes once, his paws touched the moist and fluffy dirt field, the craziness started to pour out of him. Let me just say he wasn't white after 10 minutes.

You want some video footage of what happened next? Click the video below:

5. Dirty Beni

Now, don't confuse crazy with dirty. He can go crazy on dry ground as well, but when he's really in the mood for it, he will get dirty no matter the weather outside. Like in the image below. My sister took him out side for a walk. 30 minutes later he returned like this. The reason: a couple of his buddies were outside, and "playtime" was unavoidable.

Now I only wonder what stage this weekend holds for him...or for that matter, for me. :)


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