Winter in the south of my country is not very harsh. Even though, we had been plagued by some rain recently, when the sun comes out of the clouds, winter is very enjoyable. When the landscapes are bare, and days cold, a sunset can bring the illusion of warmth through the lens. These shots were taken in the village Bivolje Brdo, just a couple of miles south from Mostar.

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Sunsets from this spot have always been amazing to shoot. You get a great view west, where it sets, and depending on the amount of clouds you get sunrays shining through, and many many orange and yellow colors in the sky.

Next up are a couple of images that I took before the sun had started to descend behind the surrounding mountains. First a lonely sight from the vineyards.

A wide shot from the fields, with some houses in the background.

After the Sunset: Gazing into the distance from the hills, on the mountain Velez. Fresh snow can be seen on the top. Here I feel the cold through the images again.

Have a great start into the new week!


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