I made a post similar to this back in February, called "10 Photo Ideas for Winter", and since spring is here (or about to arrive for others), I wanted to turn my attention to this season. In this post I want to share some photo ideas for spring, that can be of inspiration to you. But on the other hand, I also want to share the beauty of the season, the things that can be seen. It's important to act fast when it comes to spring, because in a short period of time, those bare trees become green, and dirt fields get covered in flowers and fresh grass.

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1. Macros and Close-Ups

If there ever was a season for close-up, then it's spring. So much is happening in nature, that it pays off to stop and get close to the action. Insects, buds and various other small details are changing right now, and there is so much beauty to see and uncover with the lens.

2. Spring Showers

I know it seems like you shouldn't go out in rain for photography, and sure, have your car close by, but I love spring showers (especially if I get to shoot them form a distance). Like in the shot above, I was minding my own business in the field, when I noticed a heavy rain storm in the distance. I got out before it arrived to where I was, but I just loved standing there and listening to the sounds of nature.

3. Woods and Forests

Forests and woods are places where most of the transitional beauty of spring is to be seen. Having the green leaves return is surely something to draw you to these places. Don't go at night into the deep woods, but being there during the day is surely something to consider.

4. Flowers

This one seems obvious, but it has to be included as well. So many flowers are blooming right now, and there isn't one that won't look good when you shoot it. Here is a tip: try to shoot flowers from unusual perspectives, like straight from above, or duck beneath the flower and try to capture some of the sunlight through it.

5. Animals

Animals are waking up from their winter sleep, and those that didn't sleep are more active. It's the right time of year to capture their behavior and life. Like in the shot above: I found myself in the landscapes of south Herzegovina, when I spotted a herd of sheep, freely roaming the fields. I had some great light from the sunset, and I think the shot turned out harmonious.

6. Colorful Seasonal Decor

A lot of change is also happening in our homes. Sometimes you don't have to leave it to get something good. For example: try shooting Easter decor, colorful flowers in vases, food, fresh vegetables or fruits of the season, like strawberries.

7. Blossoms

I could have put this under, close-up or macro, but I think blossoms deserve a special mention. They show a very fragile kind of beauty, that I simply love to photograph. To make it more interesting, try shooting groups of them, and always watch out for the backgrounds. They need to be simplistic and not draw to much attention to them.

8. Portraits

Having a blooming scenery or green fields as a backdrop can create an interesting plain for portraiture. But don't think of portraits as merely close-ups, show the whole person, the place they are in. During spring you can capture many sweeping views with people in them.

9. Gardens and Parks

Not everyone can simply hop in a car a drive away into nature. But that shouldn't stop you from enjoying springtime. Go out into your garden or city park and be inspired. Blossoms, flowers and green trees, will be there waiting for you. Try shooting at dusk or night with your tripod, for some special night photography magic.

10. Life in the Countryside

Life in the city is also changing, but it's much prettier in the countryside. Dirt fields are showing sings of growth, cherry blossoms are filling the air with their rich scents and fields are growing fresh green grass. Try shooting orchards during spring, as much of the transition will happen right there. Go wide but shoot up-close as well, like fruits or vegetables growing from the fields.

What are your favorite Spring subjects?


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