It's a transitional period in Mostar right now. I'm fairly certain that we are counting down the last winter days, even though some rain has been prognosed for the rest of this week. Yesterday we had a sunny winter day, which was more then inviting for a stroll through the city. I went out later in the day for a walk with my cousin Azra, but still managed to capture some of the light from the setting sun.

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Since it was a nice day outside, a lot of people were out and about, especially in the city park. Our walk started on the Spanish Square, which you have seen on this blog before. In the next two shots you will see an old and abandoned building, which used to be a library, but it never got rebuild. I hope it will find a new owner soon.

As we arrived in the city park, the sun was already descending behind the mountains, giving some heavy orange glow to the surroundings.

Another abandoned building in Mostar is the old bank, now "decorated" by graffiti and other artistic outpours. 

Children and their parents playing in the park and enjoying the late winter day.

What surprised me the most were blossoms on the trees that had already sprung.

Another mural on the far end of the park. Much more colorful and happy then the previous one.

Nature is slowly awakening from its winter sleep.

The (almost full) moon above the city, as the afterglow of the sunset paints the surrounding mountains in the most intense orange and yellow colors.

The sun had already set when I took these last images on the west side of the park. 

The Herceg-Stjepan Kosaca center can be seen in the next shot, it's a cultural center which houses many festivities, plays as well as exhibitions.

The deans office of the Mostar University as well as their administration is housed in the orange and red house which you will see in the last shot.

Is winter still lingering in your corners of the world?


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