Sunset and dusk at the sea, are really special times to go out and take photos. I took these shots on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea in the small town Drvenik in Croatia. The sun had, in fact, already set, but there was still some afterglow in the sky, which gave me enough light to take the images. I hope you will enjoy these and have a relaxing start into the new week.

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The day was coming to an end and a certain calm could be felt in the air. I walked along the rugged shorelines, managing big rocks and stony beaches to find perfect spots for some photos.

A lone sailor out in the sea.

Anyone for a swim? The water was getting uneasy, and arrived on the beach in a bold fashion, creating big splashes everywhere.

The weaves clashing at the rocks on shore. A golden glow from the sun can be seen on the stones.

I really enjoyed taking these last two shots. I put the camera on the tripod, focused only on the ferry boat in the background, and let the long exposure give a silky effect to the seawater. 

As I gazed at the ferry boats, sailing into the night, my little walk came to an end. It was a very relaxing time spent on the beach, and I ended up staying after the sun had set to simply enjoy the views.

What is your favorite place to relax in nature?
Mountains, sea, fields, woods, something else?


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