I read somewhere that a good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. That certainly holds true in most cases, as well as the old notion that it's not about the destination, but the journey. So in that sense I wanted to share some images from routes and roads, paths and streets, that ultimately depict the love for "getting there" as opposed to "arriving".

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1. A Mountain Road

As the mountain road began to wind down, and curve alongside the cliffs and hills, the sun began to set somewhere in the distance. I opened the car windows to let the air in, and immediately a fresh breeze swept up the scents of the woods and brought them to me. Somehow, here in the wild, everything fell into place, and the feeling of belonging immediately took over.

2. Out of the Woods

Ultimately, the road we travel on, means nothing if there is no destination to be reached. I always feel that there should be something that we travel towards to, even though we may not know what that is. I took this shot in the Hutovo Blato Nature Resort, during my first visit there. I loved wandering through these woods, and just keep on moving forward, trying to see it all.

3. On the Railroad

I have often said that I love the railroad and trains. It has been a love of mine from my early childhood years. Even today, when I get the opportunity to capture railroads I gladly do it. I love how the tracks are always leading into the distance, clearly marking a path through the landscapes.

4. Around the Corner

The sounds of the crashing Kravice waterfalls could be heard miles away. Even though I hadn't seen them yet, I knew what was waiting for me around the corner. The narrow, beaten down path, I walked on, was wet from all the water that was getting there in the form of mist. I noticed the trees in the waterbed that were sticking out, trying to fight the current. Getting there was certainly an experience in this place.

5. In the Countryside

Not all travels are enjoyable. There seem to be times, when you just want to arrive and travel no more. I guess it did hold true during our outing to the countryside of Bivolje Brdo. But it wasn't because of the lack of beauty of interesting sights, but because of the humid weather we had that day. Almost like in a jungle, the hot temperatures started to lift the water from the nearby trees and bushes that were sprinkled with freshly fallen rain. The village seemed far away from this spot...

6. The Stories of the Walls

When you visit ancient buildings or streets (like we did in Split recently), you can't help but wonder: what have these walls seen or who has traveled before me in these places. Emerging from the dark corridors of the old town of Split, and entering into the open space felt like a resurrection. I stayed on this path for a long time, gazing at the doors and windows around me, wondering about possibilities.

7. A Search for the Destination

Autumn is my favorite season. When the leaves turn color, and fresh air pushes the hot summer climate away, nature begins a glorious transformation. One that is ultimately reflected in the theme of this post. We know winter is ahead, but don't really want to arrive there just yet. 

Thank you all for stopping by. I wish you a great weekend ahead!


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