Capljina is a small town in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was born there, and Mostar, where I live now is only a 30 minute drive away, so it's not that hard to revisit this place from time to time. The river Neretva flows through the municipality which has the same name as the city and flows into the Adriatic sea just over the border. The town's landmark is a statue of King Tomislav, which you will see in the first shot.

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We begin our visit on the main town square, where the aforementioned statue of King Tomislav is located, as well as the town hall, whose walls are painted in blue and yellow, the official colors of the town.

The Church of Saint Francis Assisi is right next to the town hall, at the end of a small walking lane. Right next to the church there is small courtyard.

Selma and I visited on a quiet Saturday afternoon, so there weren't many people on the streets, which was actually nice, since it gave me some great photo opportunities.

A close-up of the statue. King Tomislav was a ruler of Croatia in the Middle Ages. There are many monuments to him spread out in the former Yugoslavian countries.

The name of the town derives from the word "caplja", which on Bosnian language means "heron".

In a small park area, you will find a statue of Croatian painter Ivo Ducic.

Next up is a shot of the building where I lived as a kid. You can see our balcony on the first floor on the left side, above the blue street sign.

Unusual little houses, ravaged by time, can also be found in the town if you start exploring a bit deeper.

Another remnant of the past is the shopping center, which, back in the days before the war, was a very prominent part of the city. Privatization problems nowadays are stopping this place from being redone and modernized.

We had some nice weather this past weekend, and even the temperatures rose which made for a nice walk through Capljina.

Admittedly, the main reason for our visit here was because we wanted to have lunch in a great restaurant called "Calipso".

I had rolled chicken breast filled with mozzarella cheese, served with a blue cheese sauce. It was really great.

Selma had some nice thin steaks topped with mozzarella and served in a delicious gravy.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my hometown. Do you live far away from yours?


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