In this post I want to list 10 Photography Blogs You Need to Follow. Of course, there are many more worth speaking of, and if you enjoy this post, then I will do more. These blogs are photo blogs in general, but there are many more I follow, and that are worth your time. I will do a 10 Travel Blogs You Need to Follow too, so you can look forward to that as well. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy my selections. Please make sure to visit these, links are under each title.

1. Photogeography by Jaroslav Suchożebrski 

This is a wonderful photo blog, by Jaroslav. You will find landscape, seascape and nature images in general here. All photos are taken with much care and knowledge, and I love browsing through here.

2. Linda's Lens by Linda W.
Linda takes the most amazing trips and ventures out into mountains, beaches and fields. Her camera is always with her, and I find her photography inspiring. You should definitely check her blog out if you haven't already.

3. Out of His Mind's Eye by Bill

I love the Pacific Northwest, and Bill and his wife Laura (check out her blog as well: live in those regions. Their images include sweeping mountain vistas, shots of the Oregon river valley, beaches, lighthouses, trains...what more do you want. A perfect photography setting.

4. Forest Snapper by Peter
Peter writes from the United Kingdom, and on his blog you will always find interesting sights from the woods and wildlife. I love to just sit down and browse through his impressive collection of images.

5. What Karen Sees by Karen
I am constantly in awe of Karen's photography. Not only does she visit great locations, but she photographs them with so much care and love that it shows in every single image that she posts. Head over to her blog now, it come highly recommended.

6. Stefanodav's Shot-Blog by Stefano Davanzo
Stefano is a blogger from Italy, and his photos do include lots of cityscapes from Verona, Florence, Milano and many other towns and villages in Italy. You will also find a stunning collection of images from Hawaii there, which are always fascinating to me.

7. The Suburban Girl by Rebecca Haegele

Rebecca is an amazing photographer from Pennsylvania, USA. Her blog is simple and clean-cut, which gives plenty of opportunity for the photography to pop out. From artistic shots, landscapes to family portraits, there is a wide variety here to admire.

8. Fotography by Felicia
There is a huge variety in Felicia's photography, from nature images to amazing landscapes, barns, and the US countryside. A very fascinating browse of wildlife and rural scenes.

9. Adrian's Images by Adrian Ward

There is always something colorful and striking in Adrian's world. Weather it's his West Highland Terriers, roaming about in nature, incredible macros or the great outdoors. I find his blog to be a constant source of inspiration and wonder.

10. And there was Light by Feli Maghiar
I love Feli's photography. There is just so much to explore on her blog, that I often find myself browsing endlessly. You fill find a great variety in photos, from the woods and lakes, to the countryside as well as flower and macro shots. I recommend this blog a lot, and I hope it gets more views soon. It's regularly updated with new images.

I hope you enjoyed this selection and that you have found something for yourself. 

As I said this is not by a long shot everything you need to watch, or everything that I watch. But listing all blogs that I visit would be impossible in one post. I hope to do more soon. It's always nice to introduce the blogging community to each other, but also expand readers views.

You can follow all these blogs through Bloglovin, which is a great site to stay in touch if you don't use blogger. It lets you subscribe to any blog. You can follow my blog there as well.


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