Mostar is the city I live in. It leaves an impression on each visitor that passes through it. I have seen and experienced that many times, when I talk to people. While the city is not big, it does have everything you need to spend a great vacation here, or simply use it as a two-three day stop on your south European road trip. You will find many tourist spots online, that you can visit in Mostar, but here I want to talk from the perspective of a local. What is it, that seems to attract people to the city, and why has it always been a place of interest and wonder? I hope to shed some light on this in this article.

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1. Weather is great all Year Round

It doesn't really matter, when you are in Mostar, chances are you will be here on a sunny day. This region of Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for mild winters and long hot summers, with spring and autumn being warm and very comfortable. I think I read somewhere that we have 300 days of sun throughout the year. I will  however say that summers get very hot, and you should not roam the city between 12:00-17:00, but on the other hand, summer mornings and evenings in Mostar can not be beaten!

2. The Old Town of Mostar

This is a part of the city that I have talked about in detail before, but it must be on this list as well. First, it's the hot spot tourist attraction of the city, and has many tourists visiting all around the year. But also it is a charming reminder of the history of Mostar and the life that was lived here many centuries ago. Nowadays you will find cafes, restaurants, mosques, museums, souvenir shops, art galleries and so much more here. The old town stretches on both sides of the river Neretva, with it being connected by the Old Bridge.

3. Different Cultures

While it has been a source of conflict in the past, I think having different cultures, nationalities and religions in the city is a great thing. It's really something that should make the community feel stronger and richer. For visitors and tourists it's also great to have so many unique buildings to discover and explore.

4. Nature in and around Mostar

The southern parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina are known for diverse landscapes. While places around the Jablanica Lake, further north, are lush and green, the more you come south you will encounter the typical almost-bare krs that has it's own unique charm. Mostar has a little bit of everything. Venture out to different corners of the city and you will find mountains, lakes, rivers, plains, and much much more. All around the city.

5. City Park

There is always something going on in the city park. Located just behind the Spanish Square, it's a place to meet friends, bring children to play, or simply enjoy the trees and take a walk. The park has a playground, and you will find cafes on the edges of it, that look out onto the park. Definitely a spot in the city that is worth a look.

6. Shopping and Souvenirs

You can also take a stroll down Mostar's modern mall called Mepas Mall. It's a huge mall, in the city center that is another hot spot for meeting and shopping. Inside you will find many shops, a big supermarket, multiplex cinema, restaurants and fast food joints, cafes, as well as a 5-star hotel. Besides the mall, you will find many souvenir shops in the old town of Mostar, where you can buy articles of a different kind. But then again, it always comes down to you and what you are in the mood for.

7. Restaurants and food in general

Mostar is known for various styles of food, and you can find traditional Bosnian cuisine, as well as Mediterranean dishes and international ones. The Old Town of Mostar houses many restaurants that offer various types of food - from seafood to the more traditional dishes, like Hindin Han, Sadrvan, Labirnit and the newly opened Food House. In the city you can find great pizzerias like Roma, or a mix of italian and Mediterranean dishes in Megi or Marinero. Venture outside of the city for a special treat in the restaurant Malta, that grows it's own vegetables and fruits and offers a variety of dishes for great prices!

8. The Old Bridge

Another iconic place in Mostar is the Old Bridge. Now this is a truly great place, and let me explain why. When you travel you often find that the most popular sights are often not that great or simply crowded and enjoyable. And while there are many tourists in the city, the Old Bridge never feels like a tourist spot, but rather an iconic and historic landmark, that shines its own unique vibe. You just have to be there to understand my words. But it's not all in the bridge, the towers on both sides are equally fascinating to visit and climb on.

9. Nearby Getaways

This is a real selling point of Mostar. You can plan a three day stay here, take two days to explore the city, and then one day (in the middle preferably) to explore the many nearby getaways. There is just so much to see nearby that you can't stay in the city alone. There is the old town Blagaj, only a couple of miles south from Mostar, then the tower and city of Pocitelj, a 20 minute drive south as well, with the natural wonder Kravica waterfalls one hour away from Mostar. Up north you have the Jablanica Lake, Konjic and Boracko Lake, all reachable within one to one and a half hours.

10. The River Neretva

Wherever you happen to be in Mostar, the jewel of the city will be close by. The river Neretva, springs way up north, but somehow Mostar is well known for it. Maybe it's because of the Old Bridge, maybe it's because of the fact that the river has an intense green color here, due to algae that lay on the bottom of the river bed. It's a source of life and refreshment, and sometimes I like to stand on one of the many bridges in Mostar and simply gaze down and watch it flow. I do have to warn you not to swim in it, even though you might see some people do that in the old town. The river is fast in places with many currents that can take you below the surface. But you can enjoy the river flow, as much as your heart desires.

Here is a map of Mostar:
(you can zoom in and out of the map to explore the region)

What is your favorite part of the city? Would you like to visit? 


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