May 1st was Labor Day here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I think in a lot of other countries as well. Traditionally people venture out into nature with friends and family and grill, and it was no different for me on that day. We had a family gathering in a barely populated village called Moruga next to the river Neretva in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. After lunch we went out for a walk. Nature here is in full bloom and I think I got some really good shots, which I will show you in two parts.

This is a two-part photo series. Other parts include
Part One: A Walk in the Woods
Part Two: On the River Shore

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In the image abobe: Esma (left) and my younger cousin Merjem (right) pose for a quick shot at the start of our walk.

Through the trees I could see the river Neretva, which was especially translucent and green on that day. The green color comes from green algae that populate the river bed.

Beni was off his leash and very happy while roaming about.

Of course the kids had higher energy and chased after Beni and a local dog called Buba, who also joined us for a part of the walk.

The path through the woods, widens in certain parts and you can get to the shore of the river.

"Foolish Girl! You will never catch me."

After our quick stop at the river we continued our walk in the deeper part of the forest. The day was hot, but in this place the huge trees shielded us form the heat.

Looking up at the tree tops, with the wind slowly blowing through them, was a very relaxing sight and sound.

The girls stopped occasionally to pick flowers for their moms.

Just a few flowers at first, but the bundle would become bigger as the walk continued.

Beni, as always, ahead of us, bravely exploring the area but also making sure to bravely look back to see if I am close :)

We made it to a very special spot on the shore of the river, which we will explore further, as well as the journey back in part two tomorrow.

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