As our day in the nature around the river Neretva came to an end, we made our way to the shores of the river. After a short walk, you can reach a hidden path, that takes you through the underbrush, and directly to the beach. The water was very high on this day, and not much of the shore was left to stand on, but we did manage to make our way down and enjoy the sights.

This is a two-part photo series. Other parts include
Part One: A Walk in the Woods
Part Two: On the River Shore

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There was barely enough room for all of us to stand here, but we did manage somehow. The fresh water gave some coolness to an otherwise hot day.

Beni didn't come down with us. Clearly bothered by the sounds of the river rushing by, he stayed at the top of the hill.

Our stay at the shore was not very long. The kids were getting tired, so we started our way back through the countryside.

Along the way, we spotted many fields, that were freshly cultivated. We also enjoyed some peaks out of the woods and into the landscapes.

These regions here are known for pomegranates, peaches, figs, grapes, cherries, and many types of vegetables.

In the next shot you can see Beni strolling along the path. He was getting tired as well.

We caught up with the other dog, Buba, who waited for us midway.

And Beni was put on a leash in the end, but he did put up a fight.

We returned to the cottage through the same forest our little adventure had started.

An almost completely destroyed house in the middle of the forest.

And a final peak through the woods to the shores of the Neretva and the actual river as well.

Thank you all for watching and reading, as well as the big response for part one yesterday. Really glad you are enjoying these images.


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