I wanted to write about my favorite kitchen gadgets and utensils for a long time now, but never got around to it. As you may know, I love cooking, so in this post I want to talk about some of the items that I use regularly, that are good and make cooking easier. Except one, these are not expensive things, and you can find them all online.

1. Misto Oil Sprayer

Even though this is a new gadget in my kitchen, it has now become something I can't live without. It's a spray bottle for all kinds of oils. There are no chemicals in this, you pump the lid to create pressure, which then sprays the oil out of the bottle. You fill the bottle half way with your oil, and make sure to release the rest of the pressure by opening the cap and closing it again, for long use.

2. Adjust-a-Cup

This is somewhat of a eye opener. Perfect for sticky things you have to measure out like, honey, mayonnaise, packed brown sugar, peanut butter. You pull the bottom part out of the cup to the desired measure (you will find many of them here), fill the cup up, and slide the contents out by pressing the bottom part back up. Easy and mess free,

3. Microplane Grater

This is a classic, but essential too. The Microplane grater is perfect for hard cheeses and rinds of lemons and oranges. But you can also grate nutmeg, ginger, etc. Make sure to get the one from the professional line. It's much sturdier.

4. Good Quality Knife Block

A blunt knife can be a dangerous thing. I love my knife set, which was a gift from my friend Selma. The knifes are sharp, and the knife block comes with all the essentials. Make sure you get a knife sharpener as well there. My knife block is from the German manufacturer CS Kochsysteme.

5. Free Standing Mixer

It doesn't have to be a fancy Kitchen Aid (although the sure look pretty), but a good free standing mixer is absolutely useful in the kitchen. While the Kitchen Aid mixer has its design going for it, most cooks get other kinds of mixers that are more powerful. This one here from Moulinex comes with all the essential attachments, but also with a blender attachment, and a meat grinder, which is very useful. I don't buy minced meat anymore. I buy quality meat and mince it up myself. Comes out perfect!

6. Heavy Bottom Pans

Doesn't matter if they are copper or stainless steel, a good heavy bottom pan set is very useful. The heavy bottom holds heat in better and you use up less energy in order to cook. But since the heat is distributed equally, each part of the pot or pan is at the same temperature, and that's important when it comes to cooking. Also they look very nice, but that's just a side benefit.

7. Measuring Jugs

I get teased for my measuring jugs, because it seems like I'm always on the lookout for the next one. But they are so useful to me, that they had to make this list. Only buy glass jugs. I don't care for plastic, and in fact my rule is to buy only wooden, glass or steel implements and tools. Get a nice big one that holds 6-8 cups of water. But also make sure to get the smaller ones 2-4 cups, because you will use them regularly.

8. Big Glass Containers

Have to have these. I don't like sipping out flower and sugar from big bags, that's always messy. I use these heavy and huge glass containers. I love their look and the way they display the food, but also that they have a proper rubber covered lid. Nothing gets in our out without you wanting it to.

What are your favorite and essential kitchen tools and gadgets?

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