This upcoming week will be filled with travel for me. It's a previously unvisited destination for me in Europe, the name of which you will soon learn (and see). So I'm taking the time to prepare some posts, since I will be leaving on Wednesday. May 1st was National Labor Day here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so I do have some new images from the weekend celebration, that I will post i two parts. This simple rose is only a small preview. For me it's a reminder of how simplicity can be the most beautiful thing.

click on the image for a bigger view

So if I don't visit you to much starting Wednesday, know that I'm traveling, but I'm also thinking about some On Location posts as well. You can follow me on Facebook to stay updated. I'll post  images there during the travel.

But I'm not away just yet. Monday and Tuesday will bring two all new posts that I hope you'll enjoy! Have a great rest of the weekend!


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