Our stay in Prague has come to an end. And for the finale, I want to show you a nightly stroll through the city, and the magical sights it has to offer. When the night sets over Prague, the city transforms into a new place. I hope you will enjoy our leisurely stroll through the city as well as the last part of the travel series.

This is a multi-part travel series. Other parts include:
Part One: Old Town Square
Part Two: Jewish Quarter and the river Vltava
Part Three: Prague Castle and Gardens
Part Four: Charles Bridge and Little Quarter
Part Five: A Night in Prague

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What to do at night in Prague

Prague is a relatively safe city at night. By that I mean that you can roam the four inner districts without much care, though I wouldn't venture out into the outer city when the night has set. The old town district, as well as the Jewish quarter are the best places to be in at night. Of course, beer lovers will have a full heart in Prague, as you can get the fresh brewed beverage in many incarnations in any pub or restaurant in the city. We recommend the Dubliner Pub in the Old Town District as well as the James Joice Pub in the Jewish Quarter.

Our night in Prague started at the Republici Namesti tram station where the Palladium Mall is located. Dusk was settling over the city and I got a nice deep blue in the sky as I took images of the surrounding buildings.

There were many other tourists in the streets, seeking food in restaurants or drinks in bars. I tried to capture some intimate moments from the night. Prague is definitely a city worth exploring by night.

As we were walking down the streets, the familiar buildings that we had visited during our days strolls popped up again, like the Powder Tower which I talked about in the first part. Only now, it was lit in freezingly beautiful blue colors.

In the Old Town district you can find great looking hotels, like the one in the image below. Such a stunning building. At day it went unnoticed, but with the dark blue in the sky it gave a not-to-be-missed sight.

Quiet Moments in the Streets

It's fascinating to explore Prague's streets at night. As you walk through them, some are calm and quiet, and at a moments notice, you get into a busy street that pumps you back into the busy city life. I enjoyed both sides of the coin, even though the quiet moments were easier to capture.

The Old Town Square at Night

This is, without a doubt, the busiest part of the city at night. Even in the late hours, you will find full bars and restaurants, as well as people walking in the streets. But as I said in part one, beware of the tourist traps that lie in the center here. Much better places are to be found outside of the perimeter of the old town square.

Above: The Old Town Hall, welcoming its last visitors for the day.

We stopped here to take some photos before eventually looking out for a nice pub to have drinks. We were here at around 9 o'clock in the evening, and as I said, many people were still out and about.

Prague National Theater

One thing we unfortunaley didn't have chance to see is the National Theater. But since it was on my list I want to mention it briefly here. Completed in 1881, the theater’s interior contains an allegorical sculpture and busts of Czech theatrical personalities. Opera, drama and ballet are all within the Národní Divadlo’s repertoire of artistic ensembles.

Deep in the Night

As the our nightly visit was coming to its close, it took some last shots of very expensive cars parked in the streets and churches lit magically in the night. Prague enchanted us with its beauty and grace, and highly recommend a visit. I also hope that this five part series was of use as a guide, or just as an appetizer. Thanks for coming along with us.

The End


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