I recently talked about 10 Photography blogs you need to follow, and made the promise to do more of these posts, so here is the next one, and this time it's all about traveling. While my blog is a mixture of many topics, including travel, these blogs are mostly oriented on traveling and exploring the world. I hope you will enjoying browsing through them, and give them a visit to see if you find something that you like.


1. The Overseas Escape

The Overseas Escape is a wonderful travel blog, written by Margo, currently living in Heidelberg, Germany. She writes about her travels, lifestyle, wine, but her posts also include lots of great photography. I often find myself just browsing through the posts and gazing at the images of far away places. This one comes highly recommended.

2. Sid The Wanderer

Siddhartha is a travel and living blogger from India. You will find many posts about India on his blog (and he recently started his own You Tube travel channel) that will make you want to visit, but there is a whole category devoted to world travel. His photography is excellent, and his writing detailed and always worth reading.

3. Currently Exploring

Currently Exploring is a travel blog written by Christina. She lives in San Francisco, and her posts are varied and not just strictly about travel. Besides here love for traveling, Christina writes hotel reviews, lifestyle posts, and gives plenty restaurants a visit and writes about them.

4. Flying the Nest

Stephen and Jess are the editors and creators of the Flying the Nest travel blog. They travel the world full time, and are always on a different spot. That's why you will find many stories from all over the world, which makes the blog always interesting to read and explore. I'm sure you will find something great in their posts.

5. Hand Luggage Only


Hand Luggage Only describes itself a s a travel blog with a side of food and home inspiration. And those words are really true. Written by Llyod and Yaya, the blog always gives lots of food for thought. The posts, besides excellent images, always include plenty of travel tips and information, worth to the potential visitor. Give them a read, they are great!

6. Urban Pixxels


Jacintha, originally from the Netherlands, is a London blogger now. Her blog is not strictly a travel blog, even though you will find many posts from all corners of the world. She writes more detailed about London, and even has a great London Guide, which you should definitely check out. She loves photography, and that really shows. Here images are great and worth the visit alone.

7. The Travelletes


Per about section of this blog: The Travelettes are a group of female travelers, writers and photographers sharing their travel stories online since August 2009. It's a travel blog, with many stories, but the posts also have a lifestyle and journal feel to them. It's not just about exploring the world, it's about the spirit of travel, and that really shows in the posts.

8. The Travel Hack


Monica is a travel blogger from the UK. She has traveled through the world and visited many places, and the blog is "all about stylish adventures and affordable luxury" as she writes herself. I loved her travel posts from the USA (that's how I discovered the blog), but there is really a wealth of articles to read and explore.

9. Hope Engaged

A fellow blogger, Katie writes about her travels, adventures, faith and fashion. The blog is bright and vibrant and there is always something going on in her life. Her recent posts from Haiti had me glued to the screen (ah those beaches), but you will find many destinations in the Travel tab from the menu, that I'm sure you'll enjoy!

10. The Trouvaille

Maybe hard to pronounce, but surely worth a visit, the Trouvaille is a travel blog, that also shares hotel tips, tours and articles on cuisine. The blog is inspirational in nature, and there is always something interesting for the fellow traveler to discover here. Give it a shot!

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