Summer Vacations are just around the corner, but there is this small stretch of time left until they are here. I have not yet made any plans for the 2015 summer season, but in order to get inspired I sifted through the vast archives of my photo library in search for previously unreleased summer shots. Some of these are new, some my personal favorites. I hope they will do to you what they did for me, and that is relax and calm me. So without further ado here are 15 Sunny Landscapes to get you in the Summer Mood.

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1. Those Lazy Days of Summer

2. A Quiet Place


3. Playtime in the Sea


4. Arriving


5. Through the Forest

6. Outside

7. As the Day Ends

8. Departure


9. Ready for Bed


10. Endless


11.  A Golden Goodbye

12. Entering the Woods


13. Resting...


14. Lookout


15. And Straight on 'til Morning

What is your favorite one? What gets you in a Summer Mood?


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