We continue our stay in the mountains, as the day rears its head towards sunset. The dogs were jumping around as we reached the bottom of the valley. The journey so far was very enjoyable, but after our rest in the valley, the hike up hill waited for us. Luckily, the sights along the way made up for the heavy steps.

This is a two part photo series, and includes the following parts:
Part 1: A Hike into the Valley
Part 2: Into the Woods

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The Fountain

For a lack of a better word, I'm calling this small structure in the valley a fountain, even though it's a combination of a water spring and a kitchen tap. Anyway, the dogs had a place to drink some fresh water (Beni even stayed in a pool of water that had collected at the bottom of the fountain). We took a few shots here, until eventually heading up hill.

The way out is the way through

I love this view that greeted us as soon as we started walking back. A lonely, isolated mountain house was build on the entrance of the woods. Our path would also lead us through the forest, so I was really excited to capture the sights inside.

A herd of sheep was resting under a big tree. The shade provided some much needed shelter from the sun. The temperature was low, but the sun can still burn you here if you are exposed to it for long.

Entering the Woods

Inside the woods you could really sense the calm of this place. We were shielded from the sun and the soft breeze of the wind could be heard. The path gives some nice views on either side of it and I tried to capture as much as I could.

Returning Home

To some of you this sight will be familiar. I took some shots from here in my post titled "Misty Valley of the river Neretva". It was nice to revisit the location at a different time of day. This time there was no fog so you could see the valley of the Neretva much clearer. I parked my car on the side of the road, we took some more shots from here, until eventually returning home.

The End


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