I have a special love for Wildlife blogs, mostly because I don't take wildlife photos, so I have to live through others to get my fix of animals, countryside life, flowers and other plants. I love wildlife photography because it takes you out of your world. No matter if the views are close-ups or macros or wide shots of plains and mountains. I hope you will enjoy my selections (in no particular order) and that you will find something for yourself here.

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1. East Gwillimbury CameraGirl


East Gwillimbury is a rural town near Toronto, and through this blog i have seen so many wonderful wildlife shots, including some great commentary to go with the images.

2. Brian King Images


Brian's photos are always a great sight, whether he is showing us animals, flowers or the countrysides. His photos are technically perfect and full of charm that will make you want to stay on his blog for a very long time. I know I do.

3. Viewing nature with Eileen


Eileen has always something going on on her blog. It's so full of life that each post, even though all wildlife related, is fresh and new. She is always showing us the beauty of life, mostly from unusual angels and viewpoints. I'm sure you will find her blog very interesting.

4. Round the Bend


Carletta's blog is full of color and great photos. I just love to browse sometimes and take in all the beauty here shots have to offer. Besides wildlife, she also shows us landscapes and nature in West Virginia. This one comes highly recommended.

5. Birding for Pleasure


This next wildlife blog is hosted by Margaret. She takes us along on here outings and travels, shows us birds and other animals. Always with great commentary and variety. I love visiting her blog, and  love the landscapes of Northern Ireland she shows us. 

6. Fabric Paper Thread


Lorrie writes from Vancouver Island in Canada, and her blog is not strictly a wildlife blog, although you will see lots of natural wonder and charm there. She also shares her travels, family life and recipes. There is a great variety there.

7. Montanagirl


As the title already gives away, the next entry in this list shows us wildlife from Montana, through the lens of Mona. She takes us along on her travels and always shares interesting views (like the latest post from Alaska). Just great!

8. Hootin' Anni's Chronicles

This next one is a really gem. The stories and images come from the coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico. I just loved the latest post which you will just have to click and see for yourself. This one also comes highly recommended.

9. Chronicles of a Country Girl


I have been following Kate's blog for a very long time now, and I can say that I simply love coming back here again and again and enjoying the sights (especially the recent lighthouse shots). Again, this is not strictly a wildlife blog, since we also get many landscape shots and lifestyle posts, but they all come under the umbrella of countryside life.

10. Run around the Ranch Report

Whether it's her backyard or fields around her ranch, Theresa has always something interesting to show us. Each day comes with new views of birds, dogs and other animals. Definitely a must visit!

Thanks for visiting!
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