Ever since I moved into my own little house one year ago, there was one thing that I kept pushing back, and that was my pantry. The construction of the house took some time, and I even took my sweet time with the kitchen and finally the whole house was decorated. But the pantry was an empty room, by the kitchen waiting for some attention.

I just didn't know how to set up the pantry. I looked online for ideas, and sure there are plenty, but I had to work with a limited amount of space, so things had to be just right. I guess I'm one of those people that will rather wait until something perfect comes along, instead of setting up anything only for the sake of it being there. After all, it is food storage we're talking about, and things need to be taken seriously! :)

So a month ago I was browsing the latest IKEA Catalog and I saw their Algot system for storage. They had it for a long time, but it just noticed it then.The recent trip to Zagreb, was planned right then and there, since the closest IKEA for me is in Zagreb, Croatia. The system is based on many parts and you have various set-ups (you can take a look here, for some ideas). Selma and I set it up which took us a good 3-4 hours. We had to be sure that everything was level and the distances were measured out correctly. So yes, there was some work behind it.

Left: Beni in the empty Pantry; Right Up: Selma is drilling one of the 32 holes needed to fix the upright to the wall; Right Down: Beni is inspecting the shelves (he helps as much as he can people)

After everything was set up, I finally moved the groceries and utensils I had in various cupboards to the shelves of the pantry, and I want to show you in the next couple of images what the result looks like.

Image above: I bought these two plastic containers very cheaply and I use one for Beni's food, and the other for baking goods, like puddings, nuts, chocolate and so on. Image below: the IKEA Hütten wooden shelves set up a spot for nine bottles. I use it for sparkling water and iced tea right now.

Image above: The system has a pull out basket, that I use for food in bags and smaller items. I find it very useful. Image below: The glass containers are from IKEA as well and I use them for storing pasta, rice, powdered sugar, baking powder and so on, and I can refill them as I use them up.

Here is a final shot of the whole system. I have some empty spaces, even after I moved everything I had, but I'm sure I'll find a way to fill up the rest. It's modest, I know, but it really works for me now, and it has quickly become the favorite new spot in the house. :)

How is your Pantry set up? Do you have any tips for me and others?
Please let me know in the comments below.

Also if you haven't seen it already, I started an all new photo meme on my blog called "Through My Lens". You can still link up throughout this week. The first edition of the meme is up here.


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