I want to start October with some scenic landscapes from my country. This is a two-parter, shot on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's one country, but the north and south are geographically divided into Bosnia (north) and Herzegovina (south). 

Our road trip begins on the top of the mountain Ivan. The M-17 road, which connects the capital city Sarajevo and my hometown Mostar, offers numerous opportunities where you can park at the side of the road, and take in the scenery. So let's go on a road trip!

This is a two-part post:
Part One: The Drive up the Mountains
Part Two: In the Valley and Down the Hills

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Somewhere in the distance a railroad tunnel can be seen. Some houses are dotted throughout the landscape, but it's mostly nature up here.

The M-17 road looking north to Sarajevo.

The woods here have only slowly started to change color.

The Ivan Mountain is 1,534 metres (5,033 ft) tall. And this is the highest point accessible by road.

Dark clouds are on the horizon, moving swiftly in land.

These mountains (including Ivan Mountain) here are part of the Dinaric Alps.

The Dinaric Alps or Dinarides form a mountain chain in Southern Europe, spanning areas of Italy Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

My car is waiting for me to head down the mountains, south towards Mostar.

End of Part One
To be continued...

Come back on Friday, for Part Two, in which we will be driving into the valley and down the mountains. In this part you saw Bosnia and in the next part, as we drive south, we will enter Herzegovina.


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