We continue our road trip through the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the second part I will show you mountain slopes of Northern Herzegovina. If you were to continue driving down this road, you would reach the seaside in about two hours.

Enjoy the scenic views and I wish everyone a great weekend ahead!

This is a two-part post:
Part One: The Drive up the Mountains
Part Two: In the Valley and Down the Hills

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The mountain road here is right on the edge of the cliffs.

In the valley the sun peaked out of the stormy clouds.

One of the peaks of mountain Ivan in the distance.

The road winds down the valley...

..until eventually reaching the mountain peaks, from where the journey begins downhill.

The road north to Sarajevo.

But I continue on home, south to Mostar.

Thank you all for visiting.

Have the fall colors arrived in your regions?
As you can see in the images above, we are still waiting for them.


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