I usually never luck out with birds or any other wildlife photography. They just don't seem to be around me, when I have the camera with me, and on the other hand, they show up when the 6D isn't around. But I lucked out this time!

I had my camera with me, because I was just leaving the house to go for a shoot, when I saw these pigeons in the small park. Within seconds I was with them (maybe even leaving my car unlocked in the parking lot). They were probably eating breadcrumbs someone left for them, so I was able to get up close.

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There were some crows with the pigeons. The crows were waiting on the sidelines, ready to jump in.

A happy bunch, having lunch.

A small sound disturbed them, and off they went. Thankfully, not to far away.

The park in the sun of the afternoon.

I do realize that pigeons don't count as wildlife, but indulge me. :)
I was finally able to get some decent shots of birds!

What is your patience when it comes to wildlife photography?
Do you take photos of birds often?

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