It's not hard to go on a road trip, when there is an actual road to travel on. This weekend I went on, what turned out to be, a very short car drive. After arriving in the Rujiste Mountains (which takes 30 minutes driving from Mostar), my goal was to travel the newly built road to the Boracko Lake, which is located in the plains of the mountain Prenj. But, as it turned out the road was unfinished, and so was my road trip.

But of course, that didn't stop me from venturing out. My dog Beni was with me. We parked the car and made a hike into the surrounding woods.

click on the images for a bigger view

These here are just preview images of this new series. In the first shot you can see the road I was (shortly) traveling on.

 The beautiful, autumn woods, greeted us for a hike.

In the photo series, I will show you more from the dead end I encountered.

The valley of the Rujiste mountain.

 And there will be lots of images from the deep woods.

I hope to see you back tomorrow for the first part.
Have a great Sunday!


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