The wetlands of Hutovo Blato stretch over an area of about 7,411 ha and represent one of the richest wetland reserves in Europe.

Until 1995, when the cantonal protected area was founded, Hutovo Blato represented well-known area mainly for its hunting and fishing tourism. Every winter over 200 species of birds find their shelter inside this untouched nature.

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When you drive to Hutovo Blato, these are the sights that greet you on your way. You can stop your car freely on the side of the road and take a stroll.

There are only a few places in the world that harbor such a large number of species in such a small region. 

The part of the park which kept its original form and almost untouched nature is the Deransko lake which is supplied by the karstic water sources of the Trebisnjica river.

The trees offer lots of shade from the midday sun.

You can rent bicycles here for tours. These here were freshly returned, and had not been cleaned yet.

After a long walk we make it to the restaurant, part of which is on the outside.

Choosing is always the hardest thing :)

We finally decided on grilled Trout, which was really delicious.

As we drive away, we take one final look at the wetlands.

I hope you enjoyed our visit to the Nature Reserve 'Hutovo Blato'.


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