Before you start exploring this second part in the "Visiting Mountain Rujiste" series, let me preface it by saying that I knew the road I was traveling on was not finished. I also had no intention driving all the way to Boracko Lake. But what did take me by surprise, was the fact, that the finished part of the road (from afar) seemed much much longer.

So here I was driving, car windows rolled down for Beni to smell the fresh air, and after 5 minutes this happened...

This is a multi-part series. Other parts are:

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The sky was intensely blue on this Saturday afternoon. A jeep was driving in front of me, giving me confidence that driving along the road was possible.

The air here is cold. Very cold. But I loved the freshness. In the background, the pale moon was visible.

The paved road ended after two miles. I decided to park my car at the side of the road, in order to inspect the surroundings.

The views into the valley and surrounding mountains from up here were spectacular.

The unpaved part of the road was not too bad, so I decided not to turn back, and drive further into uncharted territory.

A look at the mountain tops.

After driving for two more minutes, I came to another part of the unfinished road, where I finally decided to head back. Only a jeep could drive down the narrow and uneven path that followed (and I figured out why the jeep I saw a couple of minutes earlier hadn't returned).

Beni was eagerly waiting for me to finish up...

As I was returning to the crossroads I left from, I took a look back at the mountain road I was just traveling on. Seems innocent enough from here, right?

In the end I was back to where I started. But this time, I parked the car at the crossroads and went into the other direction by foot, deep into the woods...

End of Part Two
To be continued...


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