Our visit in the local mountains comes to an end. For the rest of the day, I decided to take a walk in the woods with Beni. The autumn colors were present everywhere, and a cold breeze made the woods speak.

A walk in the woods can be very calming. It makes you decompress, is good for your body and spirit. I want to leave off this series with some fall impressions from the woods. If you are not able to go out today and enjoy them yourself, I hope that these images will help a bit.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts are:

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A narrow path to the village Zijemlja, is also taking me to the surrounding woods.

Beni, free and happy, is rushing about.

A welcoming (and also a bit spooky) entrance into the woods.

So many scents to pick up...

A relaxing little spot.

We enter this part of the woods, and follow the road to a different entrance.

As our walk in the woods continues, I notice, on the other side of the valley, the road we were traveling on previously.

These parts of the woods are much more colorful.

I always wonder what lies deep inside these woods.

 Directions for hikers and bicycle riders.

After our walk was completed (Beni got covered in mud, but I didn't have time to take those shots), we returned to the car...

...and drove down the mountain Rujiste, on our way back home.

The End

I hope you have enjoyed this final part in the Mountain Rujiste Series, as well as the landscapes from our walk in the woods.


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