I actually pride myself on regularly grooming my Maltese dog Beni. From the very beginning I got him used to being brushed and picked at. Regular grooming is very important. It keeps your dog clean, healthy, and manageable (also pretty) :) I took Beni recently to a professional groomer that always cuts his hair and fluffs him up, but there are also many home tips and tricks I use.

Once you are used to regular grooming it really becomes a routine, and remember this has nothing to do with cutesy and fancy pimp-ups, this is hygiene for your dog, just as you brush your hair, clean your ears, brush your teeth, get a hair cut, etc.

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First up is a before and after from his recent visit to the dog groomer.

Maltese dogs tend to have heavily flowing tear ducts, that stain the coat under their eyes red. I got a tip to use boric acid, which is also called acidum boricum and put a little bit of that boric acid (which looks like water) on a pad and clean stained areas of the coat. And it did really work with Beni. But don't get it in the eyes. Only the coat. This can also be used on other stained aerias like the coat around the mouth that gets discolored from food.

According to veterinarians, about 80% of dogs have periodontal disease. If plaque is continually digested on a larger than normal scale, it can cause kidney or liver troubles. Try to brush your dog's teeth at least 2 to 3 times a week, or use an antimicrobial spray if you don't have time or your dog is particularly resistant to the idea. Beni is 50-50 with me when I clean his teeth. Use only those products made specifically for dogs so that you don't unintentionally poison your dog.

A clean ear may contain some wax and shouldn't have any particular smell to it. Warm any cleaner or medication in a container of body temperature water (as you would a baby bottle) before you put it in the ear. Cold is painful in the ear canal. A few drops of warmed rubbing alcohol will dry water from the ear canal and kill bacteria, yeast and mites.

The dog groomer I have been taking Beni to for the last couple of years is very good. Her dog saloon is called "Puppy Village" located in Sarajevo, and it's always filled with different type of dogs.

They make the experience for the dog a good one, and that is something that has to be checked on since it's very important not to traumatize your dog. Another little guy was on the table, and as they finished him up, Beni was up next.

And here is the complete after shot. Once the fur is in control again, it's much easier to regularly groom and keep Beni clean, but having said that, he doesn't stay clean for too long, since there is always a puddle around the corner :)

I realize that most people will know these things, but they are so crucial that I think it's worth repeating them here. Also you got to see a small glimpse of Beni's life that always goes on in full swing, somewhere in the background of this blog. :)

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